All students are treated and taught with the highest respect and regard. As with any school, organization or business, School of Ballet Arts has an established set of policies, rules and regulations to let everyone who takes classes, performs and uses the studio know exactly what is expected of them and to insure order, uniformity AND safety.

Everyone using the building including parents/guardians, students and their entire families are required to be familiar with and follow all of Policies, Regulations and standards of Etiquette set forth by the School of Ballet Arts. 

We thank you in advance for being aware of and following all the policies, rules and regulations set for by School of Ballet Arts.


Tuition is based on the School year, September through June and is due IN FULL at the time of registration. If payment in full is not possible, 10 monthly installments may be arranged.  Installment payments are to be paid on or before the first of each month. No bills are sent.  The non-refundable installment Tuition is the same amount for each month -- no matter the number of days or weeks in the month. The School of Ballet Arts does not pro-rate for missed classes.  If you are a new student and paying by installments, the First month and Last month’s tuition are due at the time of Registration. Everybody must pay a $35 Registration Fee.  Both, Registration Fee, and First and Last Month’s Tuition are non-refundable, no matter the reason.
Tuition must be paid by credit/debit card. There is a $35 fee for “Declined” card payments. This fee plus tuition must be paid in cash before the student can return to class. 
 It is important for you to know if for any reason you request to cancel and break the contract, SBA reserves the right to charge your debit or credit card in the amount of $500.00. No payment could result in adverse impact to your credit rating.

$165 per-student, per show and not-refundable 
December Show: DUE September 15 
Spring Show: DUE February 15. 
If fees are not received by these dates, your credit card will be automatically charged 3 days after due date and there is a $20.00 Late Fee. 


If tuition and/or performance fees are not paid-in-full, Students will not be allowed to participate either in class or in performances. 


Baby Ballet 
Girls: Pink Ballet Shoes, Pink Tights, Simple/Plain Pink Leotard. light pink dance skirt (short) 
Boys: White Ballet Shoes, White Socks, Black Shorts, Plain T-Shirt (any style) 
Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5
Girls: Pink Ballet Shoes, Pink Tights, Black Leotard (any style) 
Boys: White Ballet Shoes, White Socks, Plain T-Shirt (black or white), Proper Dance Belt 
Attire for JAZZ and TAP are different from ballet. Students should wear black leotards and tights with black shoes. 

Girls should have their hair up in buns before class. It is a good idea to pack extra hair pins, nets and hair spray. These items are easily found in drug stores and beauty supply shops. 
Fathers really need to learn how to put their child’s hair up. 
Warmers, skirts, shirts, etc. are never allowed in class. 

It is important to be respectful at all times -- not only of the teachers and staff of School of Ballet Arts but toward each other, was well 
1. Classes and rehearsals start at the posted times – ON TIME. 
2. Students should be at the studio/theatre at least ten minutes early and be ready to go BEFORE the scheduled times. 
3. All students are to be properly dressed, neat and clean for class at all times. 
4. Wearing jewelry in class in not allowed. Pierced earring studs are acceptable but anything dangling or hoops are not. Bracelets and/or necklaces are also NOT allowed. Students may be asked to remove them. (It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of them.) 
5. Students will always be presentable and “professional” looking AND acting both when entering and leaving the studio and/or theatre 
…And while in class. 
6. Student (of any age) are not allowed to walk around in public (outside of the studio and theatre) dressed only in leotards and tights! Students in ALL levels (no matter their age and size) are to enter and leave the building in a COMPLETE cover- up including street shoes. 
For Girls: A full dress, full skirt (slacks or shorts), blouse and street shoes. 
For Boys: Slacks (or shorts) and shirt and street shoes. 
A complete cover-up is NEVER just shorts or skirt pulled up over a leotard and tights! 
7. If a student is going to be absent, their parent is to call one hour before class time. 
8. Students are required to attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals and costume fittings unless authorized ahead of time. 
9. Students (no matter the level) are to be picked up, no later than 15 minutes after their last class. Parents/Guardians, who are continually late picking up their children, may be charged an extra fee, as wemust have someone to watch over them. 
10. If there is an individual NOT allowed to pick up a child, please inform the school office. 
11. Parents are to leave their cars and come in to the building to pick up students. 
12. Park in designated spaces in the lot. 
There is NO parking in front of the lobby doors and/or honking car horns. 
13. The use of cell phones, iPods, laptops and/or cameras in the classrooms, rehearsals or performances is strictly forbidden.  Please, be polite and step outside the front door to use a cell phone. 
14. Though students are not allowed to eat in classrooms, water bottles are allowed. 
15. Students only are allowed access to the dressing rooms, restrooms, waiting areas and classroom. 
16. Parents/Guardians are not allowed and/or in classrooms unless pre-arranged. 
17. There will be posted parent/guardian observation days. 
18. Missed classes may be made up in the same level at another time (if available) or in a lower level. 
19. Students cannot receive messages unless it is an emergency. 
20. Students should only change on the dressing rooms. 
21. Parents/guardians wishing to speak to a teacher must make an appointment. 
22. It is never, ever appropriate or acceptable for a student to touch, push, shove or ever be rude to one another -- or to anyone! 
23. Do not touch anything that does not belong to you. 
24. Most students have the same color shoes, tights and leotards, it is VERY important to put their name in them. 
25. Student’s images may be used in various promotional materials, on the website, Facebook and/or other mediums. 
26. Always check the school bulletin boards for information. 
27. The school lobby should be quiet and neat at all times. If your child makes a mess, please do not expect someone else to clean it up. 
28. Smoking is not allowed inside the school or directly outside at the front door of the Student Entrance. 
29. Parents and students need to be aware of all information posted in the School bulletin board in the School lobby – at all times. 

It is important to always remember that it is a privilege to be on the stage! No one is entitled. 
All school polices apply PLUS: 
1. Students are to be dropped off and picked up at the stage door - ON TIME. 
2. Students should be at the studio/theatre at least ten minutes early and be ready to go BEFORE the scheduled times. 
3. All performers are to arrive and leave the theatre properly and well dressed. 
4. All students and performers are to arrive at the theatre totally prepared. 
Younger students: Hair and make-up must be applied as specified for the performance. 
Older students: Each individual student is to have the proper make-up and hair supplies. This includes make-up remover, tissues and towels. 
5. No food or drinks while in costume. (Water is allowed). NO JUCIES OR SODAS! 
6. All costumes are to be hung up after each use and before leaving the dressing room. 
7. Dressing rooms are to be left neat and clean at all times. 
8. It is to be quite – at all times – when backstage. 
9. There is no running or yelling backstage or in the dressing rooms. 
10. Never, ever bring any valuables to the theatre. 
11. Do not sit on or touch scenery, or props. 
12. Do not sit or lie while in costume. 
13. It is important to treat all backstage personnel with to utmost courtesy and respect. 
14. All theatre rehearsals are CLOSED. No one is allowed in the theatre. 
15. Parents, friends and guests can meet performers at the stage door after the performance. 
16. Other than performers -- no one -- is ever allowed backstage or onstage – EVER!

School of Ballet Arts runs productions/performances on the highest professional level. 
1. Performances start ON TIME. Latecomers may be asked to wait for intermission. 
Remind friends and family members about this. 
2. ALL ticket sales are final. There are no refunds! 
3. No babes-in-arms. Anyone, no matter his or her age or size absolutely MUST have a ticket purchased for them. 
4. There is no eating or drinking in the theatre auditorium. 
5. Unruly, loud and/or crying children will be asked to leave the theatre auditorium. 

REMINDER: No Photographs! (Read: “Other Important Information, below.”) 

From time to time, the School of Ballet Arts may ask for help sewing, making sets and props or even to work backstage during a performance. All volunteer jobs and projects are very important and vital to any school and the performances they produce. School of Ballet Arts appreciates all people willing to give their time to help make the School a better place for all children. 

Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Winter Holiday, Spring Holiday Actual days off will be posted. Though classes may be off, rehearsals can continue. Always check the School bulletin board. Students are required to attend ALL scheduled rehearsals 


1, Whether or not it has this symbol -- © -- “attached,” EVERYTHING about School of Ballet Arts AND on both the School of Ballet Arts’ website and Facebook page is copyrighted! It is forbidden to take pictures and/or print from either site. 
2. EVERYTHING about a School of Ballet Arts performance is copyrighted. © 
Besides copyright infringements, for many, many other reasons 
…The unauthorized posting of any type of video or picture including classes, rehearsals and or performances on any website, social networking site, webpage or picture sharing and or video sharing sites relating to School of Ballet Arts is strictly forbidden. 
3. Flash photography (and photography of any kind – including the use of cell phone cameras, videotaping or recording a School of Ballet Arts class, rehearsal and/or performance or class is strictly prohibited! There are absolutely NO exceptions!  
Not only is flash (or the use of any type of camera or recording devices) photography an infringement on all School and copyright policies – it is rude, annoying and very inconsiderate towards other members of the audience. 
It is EXTREMELY dangerous for performers, as well! 
Don’t be tempted. We strongly suggest leaving cameras in the car. 
Please understand that we take all of this very seriously. Unauthorized use of ANYTHING about School of Ballet Arts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

School of Ballet Arts extensively uses the Internet. Parents/guardians AND students are to submit their HOME email address(es). Parents/guardians may also use their business email address, in addition. 
Though the School of Ballet Arts’ Website is extensive and updated on a regular basis, it is on Facebook where pictures and “instant” information is posted. Students and parents are required to become a “Friend”/ “Like” School of Ballet Arts’ Facebook page. 
We strongly encourage that everyone “Suggests” School of Ballet Arts Facebook page to their friends! 
School of Ballet Arts does not “tag” student pictures on Facebook for many reasons. …Mainly for safety. 

Dance is a very demanding physical activity. School of Ballet Arts is not responsible for injuries occurred during classes, rehearsals and/or performances. 
School of Ballet Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items either in the studio or at the theatre. If it is valuable, do not bring it. 

School of Ballet Arts is not responsible for vehicles or items left in vehicles. 

School of Ballet Arts is not responsible for students if they leave the school and/or property, or theatre whether at the end of the day or between classes/rehearsals. 

 The theatre is not responsible for lost or stolen items either from their building or their parking lot. 

Arts Dance Generation and School of Ballet Arts not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, sex, age, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or genetic information.

"You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive. It is not for unsteady souls."

Merce Cunningham 

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