Guest Choreographer

Tangin Fong, who is part of the third Chinese immigrants’ generation in Cuba, is a lover of the movement on stage. He has decided to live and create in his country with a contemporary perspective, open to exchange and take all functional subject related to his work.  His way of making art-where converges different legacies: Cuban contemporary and modern dancing, Cuban folklore, acting, singing, music- makes a restless, dynamic attitude which is connected to the show business of the XXI century.

He feels the stage on his own human and cultural dimension. His inexhaustible creative potential makes him to go back over and over to the artistic facts he performs. He creates live music, gives a different sense to the scene or show; he explores on the vocal sonority and acting that comes from actors, musicians and dancers on the stage.

 He was born in September, 24th, 1973 in Santiago de Cuba. In his native land, during primary and secondary education he participated in singing, dancing and sports activities from 1987 to 1989. In 1989 he began to study modern and folk dancing at the National School of Arts, in Havana.

In 1992 he majored in Cuban Modern and Folk dancing and teaching. After this, he participated in dancing festivals and competition, obtaining different awards as choreographer and dancer. In 1992 he joined the Contemporary Dancing Cuban Company where he worked up to 1995. In this company he played relevant works of important Cuban choreographers. In 1995 he gave pop, afrocuban and contemporary dancing classes in Japan.

From the very beginning he has created his own dancing and musical works; he has also worked with Japanese choreographers, dancers and musicians. Tangin Fong mixes all forms of artistic expression into the body dancing language, including martial arts. His purpose is original and peculiar; it is based on the body movements, showing a natural energy of great expectation.

During his studies he learned modern, Afrocuban folk, acrobatics, ballet, make-up, drama. As a professional he has created and keeps working on his style and training technique called “the power of improvisation”. He likes to give his work that special touch.  An special mention has to be made to his organic vocation for creating a new tissue between audio-visual and choreography, being himself not only the pioneer in Dancing Video in Cuba but also one of the performing artists who more frequently and with better results uses this combination. Based on the movement technical work, this creator has deeply gone into the dancers ‘playing projection. According to this, the selected soundtrack moves a sensitive universe that will have to be assimilated, compared, enriched with the visions the dancers and their environment suggest to the audience.

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